Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's Great to 8 Addisons Baptism

July 5, 2014 is Addison's big day.  We are proud of her and here choice to be baptized.  She is such a sweet thing and we just love her to pieces.  Hard to believe that she is 8.

Right after Ethan baptized her she through her arms around him and hugged him and said "Oh Daddy"  It was so sweet.

 It was a wonderful experience for all of us.  Dane spoke about baptism and Cheetos dust and how the orange is sometimes hard to get off your hands.  That you need to wash them right away just like you need to repent right away.  I should of taken a picture with the huge bucket of Cheetos that he gave her.  It was a great talk.  Ethan confirmed her with Dane, Aaron, Richard, Paul, Natalie's step dad, Eric the brother, Cam the friend and the counselor standing in the circle.

What a cute, good, fun family with Oscar brown dog and old man Tyson and missing Tony the cat.

Ashley, Rich, Crewe and Dayne stayed with Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison and the kids had the best time being together.  Tiger = fun

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