Friday, July 4, 2014

It's great to be an American

Happy 4th of July

I love parades but apparently the rest of the family isn't as excited about a parade so just Dane and I went.  We found a great place to watch the parade on the court house lawn with 100's of our closest friend and a wonderful view of the Provo temple.  There is something about bands, brave people, the American flag and Dane seeing "Jimmer" that just brings on the tears.

Ashley, Rich and the kids flew in the afternoon and Dayne and Addison were so happy to see each other.  I think I heard Dayne say to Add "I am so excited that you are getting baptised" at least a dozen times.
We took the kids to the festivities downtown and for treats. It was about 100 degrees out.

Then back to Ethans for 4th of July fun, bbq, fireworks and a  rousing game of "Tiger Says"

We brought lots of gift cards but Ethan was the big winner.
A fun jump house and a big wading pool and lots of grab butt for the kids.
Kade 9 1/2, Crewe 10 1/2, Dayne 7, Addison 8, Peyton 9, and Drew 11 with Oscar the dog were so happy to be together and had so much fun playing.

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