Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday Family Night

After having a great weekend together, lots of laughter, games, good eats, and playing we went to a real neat amphitheater and had family pictures taken.  What is it about taking pictures that all the boys young and old acted like it was torture? The kids change so much and I just have to do it.  I will say it was HOT.  But I do think we got some pretty cool shots. 

My cute Grandsons!  They are all such good boys!
Alex 13, Crewe 10 1/2, Peyton 9, Ethan 15, Kade 9 1/2, Drew 11

Grandma and Tiger aka Jody and Dane

Natalie, Addison 8, Kade  and Ethan Schofield

Crewe, Ashley, Dayne 7, and Richard Palmer
Ethan, Drew, Natali, Aaron, Peyton and Alex Schofield

After the photo shoot Aaron made cookies and we played this fun game Heads Up where people describe something and you have to guess the word. Cousin Kurt, Ethans bff from AZ and his wife Megan and 2 year old son Kal came to Utah for the baptism and fun.  So the family walk with Ernie the dog was fun too.
We had lots of good eats but I think my favorite was the Water ice.  In fact we went 3 times and it's hard to say which was my favorite, the peach, the lime or the coconut with the vanilla custard. The first night Ethan's Mexican neighbor made these wonderful chicken tacos with green sauce.  After the baptism we had Cubby's cater their chicken and beef salads which were YUM.  Indian food out at restaurant where all the kids tried it and Sunday dinner Richard made his delicious pork.  

Oh the kids had so much fun being together.  It makes me so happy to be with all of them.  the first couple of nights we stayed at Aaron and Nat's and then we got a hotel half way between Aaron's and Ethan's in Prove.  The little girls spent the night with us and squirrled around most of the night.  It was fun having them.  In the morning they jumped in bed with Tiger.  We went to this natural history museum up on campus with all kinds of cool animals but I didn't get any pictures.  As you can see I brought sling shots for all the kids.  Not sure the parents though it was such a good idea but the kids loved it.  They mostly shot cheese balls and went to the dirt piles trying to chum in birds with dog food and then shoot them.                                     It didn't work.
It's really really hard to say good bye to your BFF cousin when you have had such a good time.  It was hard to leave all these darlins.  They are such great kids and their parents are the best!  It was a fun time!  Dane and I hoped in our new car and headed back to Montana.

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