Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 Back to School

Boo Hoo school started.
  I have always hated when school starts.  I didn't like that the kids left me for the day.  It also meant that they were another year older and wiser.  I guess the wiser part is ok but I wished that we could freeze our kids and 
now I want to freeze these darlins.

Cute Schofield boys are off for the 1st day of school
Crewe and Dayne's first day of school was Crewe's 11th birthday, August 26th

Addison is off to the 3rd grade and Kade the 4th grade

Kade, our favorite 10 year old and Addison our favorite 8 year old.

Look how much these darlins have grown.  Drew is taller than Aunt Nanny, Alex is taller than me and Ethan is 6'4"

Ethan is a Sophomore at Lone Peak, Alex is an 8th grader, Peyton is in the 4th grade and Drew our favorite 6th grader.  Ernie the dog was sad when all of a sudden the boys were gone all day.

It wasn't easy for Natalie to send her kids off too.
Crewe is our new favorite 5th grader and Dayne our favorite 2nd grader.
Mama Ashley didn't like sending her darlins off either.
First off I love these Ethans!  We are so proud of "baby E" (how did he get so big) as we use to call him now we try to call him "Ethan the Younger".  He is playing varsity football for the Lone Peak Knights as a sophomore!!  Ethan says he is a beast.  He went to watch him play and he was pushing around a 6'7" 330 pounder.

He is a sweet beast.  I love that he let the darlins hang all over him.  Boo-hoo  Have a good school year darlins!

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