Monday, August 18, 2014

Kids Having Fun

Crewe and Dayne love to play with kids.  When Crewe was little one time we went by a day care and his comment was "there are kids in Montana."  We went to Lake Elmo with my friend Cortnee and her girls.  Crewe and Kennedy are friends and the same age.  Maybe that is why Crewe likes to go to church :)

We had 6 kayaks and a paddle board.  It was fun.  One of Cortnee's girls was in the water swimming and a 12in fish was coming toward us.  It scared her and she swam towards me and and tipped my kayak over.  Over I went with my phone around my neck.  I was worried that it fried my phone but I just had to replace the battery, so all was well.

Both the kids played on the paddle board and they liked it.  I don't think I could stand up on it but we will never know since I don't think I will ever try.

We had fun at the condo pool.  Dane likes to call it the trailer park pool because it is so old and kinda crumby, but it is wet.  Both times we went we were the only ones there, with pretty cold water. We tried to go to the Oasis water park but they were having mechincal problems and was closed. 
We had dinner with Noah Hollenback who would be Crewes 3rd cousin, I think.  Ashley and Amy Mathew Hollenback are 2nd cousins and their dads, Tiger and Mike Mathew who are 1st cousins.  The boys had fun and we played heads up on the iphone while we waited for our dinner.  Noah was in town visiting his grandpa Mike Mathew and all the relatives were having dinner.  Ashley and I got to sit with the kids which was way more fun.  Noah is 11 and going in to the 6th grade and Crewe is soon to be 11.  It was fun getting to know Noah. 

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