Friday, August 22, 2014

Love these kids

"Crewe and Tiger members of the Rooster Hair Club"  We have had so much fun with the kids here.  We have played at Big Sky, white water rafted the Gallatin, saw the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat in West Yellowstone,
watched Old Faithful and the cool hot pots,
hiked the Lewis and Clark Caverns with no problems, ate many meal out, played games, petted the dogs, went to the zoo, shot the BB gun, played baseball,
went to the movies, swam, played with Kennedy,
shopped tell we dropped , got a baby sitter, went to the arcade, read books, painted bird houses, tried the bike again, petted the dogs again,
ate good eats, shopped some more,
enjoyed the fair, went kayaking at Lake Elmo, took the dogs for walks, played wizard 101, went to church,
just loved being together, went to work with Tiger, went to a Mustang game in the rain, met a 3rd cousin Noah, 
and slept in the tree house.

Crewe and Grandma sleeping in the tree house.  It was very fun. We slept on cots and had several blankets so it was very comfy.   We stayed up late reading our ipads and then watching a movie. A little warm when we went to sleep but it was 62 in the night and we slept great and we didn't wake up until 7 AM.

The next night Dayne and Ashley started the night out in the tree house since she was insisting that Dayne go to bed at 8 PM.  While she warmed up the blankets I was finishing up the church bag I was making her.

Baby girl and I tackled the tree house.  It was 80 degrees and we were trying to go to sleep with blankets so that the mosquitoes wouldn't eat us alive.  Crewe had many bites so we went to bed with peppermint on us, bug spray and vinegar in glasses.  We did a little better keeping the mosquitoes off us but at 9:30 I think Dayne finally fell asleep.  I woke up several times covering her up and then she was up at 3 am and then 6:30 AM.  Good thing this was the last night we could sleep out.
"Dad, you know I don't like chocolate cake."
Please come back soon.

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