Monday, August 18, 2014

Pigs and Tigers

We couldn't pass up the Yellowstone Exibition.  It is always hot during the fair and it didn't let us down this year. But as soon as the fair is over it seems that fall arrives.  Dayne loved the whirly ride and Tiger introduced the Viking on a stick ie deep fried Swedish meatball to Crewe.  We saw our cute friends pig and Dayne was happy to go pet her.

Montana Cowgirl Dayne
We visited the Billings Zoo.  Even though it is small it is fun to visit.  The otter home were being cleaned so they weren't out and the bears were hybernating but the rest of the animals were out and playful. 

Our favorites were the two Red Pandas which were so cute, the two flightless bald eagles that had been rescued and the two sister tigers. 

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