Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ashley, Dayne and Crewe

Pretty Ashley and pretty Dayne in Tigers Boxter
Cute Tiger and cute Crewe

 Hewie Lewis and the News came to Billings for the Blues Festival in South Park.  It was a perfect evening and great company and great music, "the Power of Love."  But I will say this, old people shouldn't dance!  We had a lady that had a few beers in front of us that thought she could dance.  She had big wild pants on from her Woodstock days that kept creeping up her butt mostly her "dancing" was inappropriate.
Dayne just loves Finnley and Stella.  Each morning when she wakes up she hugs the pups and acts like she hasn't seen them in a long time.  The pups will miss her attention.

The pups have also loved all the attention that CP has given them.  He has two hands for petting two dogs.

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