Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Visitors

We are always so happy to have visitors.  The California kids come for their annual summer visit. For the last couple of years Dane has had his annual Trial Lawyers Seminar at Big Sky. 

Ashley, Crewe and Dayne flew in on Tuesday and Wednesday right after Rich flew in we were off to Big Sky.
 On our way out of town we stopped at Brunos for the favorite meatballs and Dayne sneaking a little fire water from Tiger. 

We love Big Sky and stayed on the mountain side in a very nice condo with a loft. 
We went to the Farmers Market in the evening and one night Dane, Rich and Ashley went to the little movie theater while the kids and I stayed at the condo and ordered pizza and watched the cooking channel.

Wonderful pools that the water babies loved.

Dayne loved the trampoline
The kids are beginning to call Big Sky a tradition.  It's just what they do when they come to MT

Our favorite activity was rafting down the Gallatin

 It was so fun and Ashley and Crewe were so brave.  As we were getting into our raft a lady in another raft fell out of hers.  They hit a rock and over she went.  Crewe was sure we were all going to die.  But we didn't and he loved it.

The water was cold and we all got wet.  There were a a few 4's but mostly 3's and the water was petty low.  Crewe gave it a 9 and claimed it "so much fun."  Dayne was brave from the get go and it never was scary.

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