Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dane visits Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh City

Aaron talked Dane into going with him on a looong flight so that he could get enough miles to be double platinum diamond so he can have better options like, sit on the pilots lap when he has to travels with work.  So on Thursday morning Dane hoped on a flight to SLC for an hour, then flew 2 hours to LA then he and Aaron flew 11 hours to Tokyo then 6 more hours to Saigon. 30 hours later, 3 movies, 4 meals they were on the other side of the world to spend 2 days in Saigon.

The Beautiful Saigon 2, $28.00 a night with breakfast. Air conditioning, clean and a very hard bed to sleep on, sometimes known as pool table.
Lots of good baked goods
French Pastries
An entire isle of soy sauce to choose from
This man was selling coconut milk of which they didn't buy any but did lift up his very HEAVY boxes.

Typical street with interesting electrical work, someone cooking and fresh meat with flies for sale.
Museum of War of Peace and Remembrance the Vietnam War. Lots of airplanes that the Americans left.  But best of all the museum was air conditioned as it was about 90 degrees and humid.
The tunnel entrance that was built under the city.

They were built to hide from the B52's and to hide from the Americans.
A tight, dark, claustrophobic, fit.

Lots of people in the parks exercising
Walking dogs but not on the lawns,  camping and lots of scooters and noise.

The women want white skin so they cover everything up even though it is hot and humid.

They spent 2 days in Saigon and went on a food tour on the back of the scooters with these 2 and a camera man.  The traffic was crazy but they survived. 

The food tour brought whole body frogs and goat, which AAron ate.  Dane told them that he wouldn't eat much so they brought him a pork chop to eat with his hands.
The shrimp and the Pho soup were pretty good. Two days in hot Saigon and now off to Toyko for a few hours then time to head back.

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