Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Springville to Boise

With Ethan's new job as a Cleveland Golf Rep the Ethan and Natalie Schofield family are moving to Boise Idaho.  Natalie left a few days earlier as she was transferring with Costco and had to work.  Ethan, Dane and several of Ethan's buddies helped them load up the 2 U-hauls and said good bye to their first cute house, the one they brought their babies home to, and the neighborhood they loved.  After watching the 1st session of Sunday conference Dane took off and the kids and I had to take Ethan back to the house as he was leaving the next day.  We were behind Dane about an hour but caught him quickly as he was only going 60 mph at top speed and we had Ethan's nice car that just cruised right along.  The kids watched movies and read, an easy drive and we got to Boise in 5 1/2 hours.   
The cute new house in Meredian which is a part of Boise,  but not yet as they are waiting on the loan so their home is the Country Inn and Suite boooooo

We loved Boise, great places to eat, the beautiful Temple and fun downtown.  I think they are going to love living here and we are going to love visiting.

Cute Natalie, swimming babies and their co pilot Tyson

After being with the kids for a week it was really hard to tell them good bye.  Kade and Addison are signed up for school and will start in a few days.  We will be back soon.
 Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite! 

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