Monday, October 6, 2014

Utah Fun and Football

Some of our favorite things...  A morning walk with cute Peyton and Ernie the wonder dog, A BYU volley ball game, Ritas's custard and flavored ice and kids!

It was so fun to watch # 72 play football!  His team tied up the game and in double overtime and they won! 
Ethan our favorite football player with his fans.  He is getting so tall, I think this week he is 6'5" 240 lbs.  He plays every down on offensive as left guard and is good. 

Alex 's football team had a bye for the weekend, which he is the QB.  His real love is basketball and on his wall he has this contract.  I love that he says he will "always try his best."  He is  such a great kid!
Oh no, 11 year old Drew is now taller than me.  He is in the 6th grade and this week he is 5' 7"
Addi and I love to have the Dr. Nat play the piano for us, she is very good.

While Dane was helping Ethan get all of his possessions in the U-haul we went to watch Peyton # 81 and his team dominate some other less worthy Mormon youths.
Kade and Addison are always so happy and fun to be with. I just love all these Darlins.  FYI Aaron is on his trip climbing Mt Kilimanjaro so we didn't get to see him.

But mostly the cousins love to be together and Ernie the Dog  thinks he is part of the gang.

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