Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Boise Take Three

Dane and I were at the Church Halloween Trunk or Treat and Dane announced that we needed to go to Boise to help Ethan and Natalie move into their house.  The loan was finally closing and they were finally getting out of the hotel.  Ethan thinks he can move it all himself.  So we jumped up at 5AM and hoped in the Porsche and away we went.  We talked to them several times during the drive but didn't tell them we were coming. We found out where their storage unit was and talked our way in and drove up.  Ethan looked at us kinda funny and then it registered with them both that we were really their and started to cry.  The Cavalry had showed up, a carvery of 2 old people but we were ready to help.  They were grateful!!!  It was fun to surprise them.
Tired Tiger!  He stunned himself when he walked into the trucks door and hit and cut his head good.  Ethan bandaged him up and he looked like he was in the civil war but they got it done.
While Dane and Ethan went back and forth to the storage unit Nat and I took the kids over to Addi's friends to trick or treat.  Hundred's of kids, tons of candy and it was fun.
While Dane and Ethan loaded and unloaded I put things away and built beds.  It was a ton of work but it was good to be their and helping.  I'm not sure how Ethan and Nat would of gotten the washer/dryer up the stairs. 

I put Adds bed together all by myself and had Kade and Addi help put the top mattress on.  We struggled and pulled but we got it.  Kade kept petting my arm and saying "Grandma you are so strong." :)  We left them with lots to do but they have a very nice roof over their heads, food and places to sleep.  The unpacking is coming along and they all seem to be happy.  Ethan is loving his job, the kids are making friends and Natalie is making their cute house a home.  So back to MT we go.  Great roads for the 3rd of November no snow :)

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