Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just What I Needed A Quick trip to CA

It was so fun to jump on the plane the day after Thanksgiving and go see these darlins.  The kids didn't know that I was coming so it was such a fun surprise.  I flew into SFO so after they picked me up we went downtown to see the lighting of the Macy's tree at Union Square.  Thousands of people were downtown and was so crowded.  There are was a demonstration going on downtown and we were trying to stay far away.  We hustled into the store so the kids couldn't see the masked people marching and the rock throwing.  It was a little scary but we were safe and the lights were beautiful.

We girls  had some pampering with manicures.  Dayne had 2 colors of turquoise put on her nails.
I just love these two.  Crewe is such a nice boy and is getting taller every time I see him. 

 Off to church with Richard, Dayne, Ashley and Crewe

While Ash and I were shopping we had a lady ask if we were twins.  Then at church one of the ladies asked if I was her sister.  Well I am very flattered that these ladies think I look like pretty pretty Ashley.
We went to see the Christmas lights at the Oakland Temple.  They were beautiful and the visitors center was very nice.  I think we should go back.

We had wonderful weather while I was visiting.  It hasn't rained in months in California so when it started to rain that was all people talked about and boy did it rain.

I was pretty impressed with this squirrel tail.  He looks pretty well feed and just might need some kind of back support to carry that tail around.  Now Dane would say "he's good eatin,"  like he would know.  It was so fun to be with this little family.  We shopped, ate good food, decorated the Christmas tree and hung out.  All just what I needed, thanks for having me! 

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