Sunday, November 16, 2014

Utah Sports Weekend

Aaron invited Dane and Uncle Stew to Utah so that they could go to a BYU game with the recruit, Ethan.  He got them frequent flier tickets and they were set up for a big weekend of sports and more sports.  They had a great time at the game but it was was pretty cold.

Dane and Uncle Stew got to be on the field with the recruit and Aaron and Richard were in the stands.When it got so cold lots of people left and Aaron and Rich got to go sit with Dane and Ethan.  They had a great time.
Ashley, Rich and the kids were visiting Utah for the weekend too and they got to go to the BYU basketball game.  Dane and Uncle Stew went to the basketball game then the volleyball game all in one evening.  They had all kids of fun and so did the kids.  Dane loved watching the cheerleaders and Ash had made her a shirt that said "my Tiger loves the Cougars and so does my Mother and some day I will be a Cougar too."
Dayne was so excited about the chocolate fountain at the Little America Buffet.  She had "only heard of them and she thought she would never in her wildest dreams get to see one."  While the adults went to dinner the kids had a little pizza.
Ashley and Richards sister in laws parents are the MTC presidents.  They offered to give Ash, Rich and kids a  tour  of the MTC.  We were like oh here is a room and here is the gym etc.  But Ashley said it was wonderful and and so interesting.  The spirit was strong and the missionaries treated the President like a rock star.  They learned a lot, thought it was very interesting and meet a sweet sister from the Islands that had leprosy.  She had been at the MTC since April and getting treatments.  Crewe and Dayne loved it and Crewe wants to go to Greece on his mission and Dayne wants to go to MexicoSo while they were all in Utah having fun the dogs and I held down the fort in Montana.  I stayed up late and sewed and ate whatever.

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