Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fun and A New Year

Dayne just loved the snow and it was hard to keep her inside.  I love her enthusiasm!

 The kids both love to read so we made a trip to the library to check it out and some books.  Crewe is loving mythology and is reading huge books.  Dayne is a super reader also, they are just like their Mom.
New Years Eve we went to the Alberta Bair and saw a Beatles cover band.  They were so good!  Most of the crowd was old but we all enjoyed the evening and like I have said many times.  "Old people shouldn't dance."

It was freezing most of the two weeks that Ashley and family were here.  She is such a California girl now and was frozen most of the time.  Finnley is such a good dog and let Dayne put her ear muffs on him and he didn't even bite her.

Lots of games were played and movies watched.  Tiger and Crewe had a Harry Potter marathon.  Tiger paid CP $20 to be his Harry Potter translator to keep him understanding, Dayne was Crewe's assistant so she got $5.

New Years day we had Danes assistant and kids over for dinner.  The chocolate fountain was the biggest hit.
Happy New Year!  My first project on my new Silhouette cutter.   "Cheers"
The pups have loved all of the attention and are now demanding lots of pets even though the official petters have gone back to California.

Ashley girl isn't drinking pop but I was happy to have a Coke with Ashley.  I had been saving that pop for at least a month so I could share it with her.

We have just loved having the Palmers for Christmas.  I love that they get to stay for 2 weeks the only problem is when they leave us.  The house is way to quiet, the dogs are demanding, and Dane and I are sad.  Come back soon!

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