Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh what a week!

Ethan is getting all kinds of tweets even with his Tiger.  I'm not sure where Cougar Nation got this picture but maybe from Danes Instagram. 
He had one of the BYU coaches come to school and pulled him out of class to chat with him.

I guess I am going to have to start loving football.  We are excited Cougar fans. 

I just love this cute family too.  They make me happy.  We have been watching this very funny TV show The Goldbergs which we all love.  The Mom is a little out of control and a Smother towards her sons.  Natalie thinks I am the Mom- Smother.  Maybe I am a little I think Ethan is pretty great.  Ha
Brown dog aka Oscar is the now the King of dogs now that he is the only.  Ethan claims that he loves Nat and just thinks he is ok, could of fooled me.  He is a lover.
Now I think that is a little dangerous using Finnley as a pillow.  I don't think I would do that with my man.
It started to snow Christmas eve and we still have all the snow.  It has been cold too.  I think I need to go south.
Cute 21/2 year old  Ben Prince brought our niece Krissy and Jeff to visit for the weekend.  It fun having them.
WOW We have a budding artist!  Dayne is taking art lessons and this is her first painting.  She goes to a ladies home for lesson along with a few other kids.  She had her look thru books to get her inspiration.  Monet must of spoken to her.  I am really impressed.  I love the perspective, depth and colors.  I think she is good.  Tiger called her and asked if he could buy her painting.  She would be able to have another month of lessons and a few dollars for her self.  The next day she told her Mom that she needed some time to herself to think about selling her painting.  She just wants to "create" and not have to worry about selling her work.  Ha

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