Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hawaii Love

I think I could go to Hawaii every year.  I love the flora and fauna, the warm air, the 80 degrees, and the smell.  On a cold day in December Dane checked the prices of Hawaii and bought the tickets on a whim.  He was pretty excited and clicked away and some how just had my name just  as "J Schofield."  To get that changed took several phone calls, a visit to United at the airport and a full body scan at the airport.  What a pain.   We invited our friends the Clarks to go with us but Lenny was still recovering from his chemo so Dane and I were off to MAUI, Hawaii the 13th of February.  We flew to Denver then Honolulu then on the Maui.

We arrived in Maui to high winds, so we decided to take the drive to Hana first thing.  Lots of flora and fauna, windy roads and 50+ one lane bridges.
 I guess we weren't going to pee in this port a potty.
We drove and drove with lots of beautiful views then headed back over to the other side of the island to this ...

Dane lost his inhaler probably on the plane and was having trouble breathing.  He was hoping that the tropical air would help but when I could hear him breath from across the room it was time to go to the Urgent Care.  After several of our vacation dollars he had a new inhaler and we came out of the drug store to this downpour.  It rained like the hose was on for 3 hours straight but it was still 80 degrees.
The next morning we woke up to a beautiful warm day, no wind and no rain.  We stayed at the beautiful Hyatt.
We found lots of good eats and loved being together.  I think Hawaii is our happy place.  We went to Church and probably 1/3 of the congregation were visitors, mostly old ball headed men.  The place was full and they read in 20 new Ward members.

We love the beach.  We went snorkeling and saw pretty fish.  There was a pretty strong rip tide and the waves beat us up a little when we were coming back in, but it was fun.

The sun sets so quickly here.  In about 3 minutes it is gone.
So now off to Kauai and all these good eats.  We found a Krispie Kreme donuts and went crazy over the Shave Ice.  Both of these two Shave ice were our favorites with vanilla macadamia nut ice cream. YUM It makes my mouth water just looking at them and remembering how good they were.

We rented beach cruisers and took a 10 mile bike trail along the beach.  We found this beach without even one person on it.  I loved riding bikes and Dane semi enjoyed it, at least the ride out. 

The chickens!  They are everywhere and they are just ignored.  We looked it up and they aren't even good to eat.  They say if you put a piece of volcanic rock and the chicken in a pot you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  I think it is funny that nobody cares that they are around.

For about 15 minutes before you leave your hotel room you get to have good hair in Hawaii.  Then the moist air and a hat you are done.  I know 1st world problems.  We rented a convertible so a hat is a must and the sun was bleaching out my hair like crazy.

This beautiful beach off the 8th green and nobody on it but us.

We wanted to go golfing but found that they were having a golf tournament and the BYU Cougars were playing!  So we rented a cart and followed along, we were the only followers.  Dane was thrilled and knew the players and their stats.  On the first hole the coach, Todd Miller, Johnny Millers son, came over and introduced himself as well as the BYU golfer.  Dane new that the BYU player was the Utah State Armature Champion last year.  We got to the next hole and this man introduces himself as Brian and Dane goes "Brian Santego, of course."  They chat and I'm thinking how does he know who all these people are.  Well Dane is a true Cougar and knows that Brian is the senior assistant athletic director at BYU.  After checking out the beach and Face timed with Ethan we found out that Ethan plays golf with the guy we were following and knows the # 1 guy on the team. Golf is such a boys club.  When we came back Dane asked the coach how the team was doing and he 
 asked if he had the app to follow along.  Dane was like I can't quite get it and Todd the coach says "gimme that" just like our kids would.   

We loved paradise! We had our summer tan on, spent the kids inheritance, ate like kings, read several books, swam, snorkeled, laid on the beach, biked, shopped, got  accustomed to the chickens, and napped.  So time to make the journey home.  We got to the airport a little well a lot early, as I read the itinerary wrong, so the man who can sleep anywhere took a nap.  The airport sign says          "Mahalo Until We Meet Again" 

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