Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life is still good

Cute Alex who just turned 14 just got his braces off.  What a great smile!
Oh Brown dog.
Brown dog aka Oscar is the luckiest dog ever.  He is so happy to have all the attention.

 Love that Kade boy too!
Our favorite place "Harper and Madison" seems to be this dogs hangout also.

Dayne's horse picture that she painted this week in her art class.  I think she is really good. I love the different colors of grey, brown and blues and the depths of the shore and the horse and water.  My sister says it is so "expressive!"
 Love that Baby Dayne
 Love this Birthday girl.  She is everything and more.  Can't believe she is 38, where has the time gone.  I love that she loves to read, she loves music, is a great Mom, wife and daughter.  She is my best friend and favorite girl. 
 A very foggy February Temple morning.

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