Sunday, March 22, 2015

Grandma goes to Boise

Ethan this good sport, had to work out of town and Natalie had to work and the kids had spring break.  What to do?  Call Grandma to come and entertain the kids.   I flew through SLC and got to see Aaron, Alex, Drew and Peyton (E had a football meeting and the Dr. had to go too) for dinner and arrived in Boise the night before Ethan needed to take off for Spokane to meet his boss and show him his excellent salesmanship.  But first things first a game of Uno.  I guess you could never guess who won.

Nat had to work the first day so the kids and I went to a trampoline place. They had all kinds of fun jumping, flipping into the foam pit and of course Addison did a million cartwheels. 
Day two Nat didn't have to work so we ate lunch out and then went to see the new movie Cinderella.  It was wonderful "Have courage and be brave."  Addi and I loved her dress and I love these two.  Such great kids!

We took brown dog Oscar for lots of walks and I called "not it" when it came time for the clean up part.

The plan was to go to the zoo but apparently it was lots of peoples plan as it was a zoo.  So instead we got our craft on and made Easter Bunny garland, walked some more and then we girls went and got manicures and pedicures.  Kade just said "no" to that so he played video games online and on the phone with Drew.  He was a happy boy.

In between eating at a lot of great places, watching movies, video game playing, shopping, a couple of trips to the best craft store ever and a fabric store Nat and I put together the new patio furniture.  It looks great and we found a perfectly matching rug.  Don and Nita brought a "Percy original straw art" piece to them when we came earlier in the month and they found a place for it on the patio.

This is actually a picture of the day after I left when Addison and Nat went running.  Addi girl is in a girls running club.  I am so proud of her she is doing great and getting faster and can run further each time she goes.  Ethan was back before we knew it and impressed his boss with many many many sales.    While he was gone his new bike arrived so he and I put together his bike, it is an adult bmx bike that he is thrilled with. hmmmm It was a fun 5 days, I got to have breakfast with my friend Sarah and catch up, the kids were great to be with,  Boise has lots of good eats and fun things to do.  So just call kids and I'll be right down.

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