Sunday, March 15, 2015

Love these Darlins

Spring has sprung and Dane is back to washing the cars.  Our winter wasn't all that cold or long.

Baby Dayne got a new cool bike for her 8th birthday.  She just learned to ride 2 days before her birthday in 15 minutes.  She wasn't very interested in learning to ride a bike up unto that time.
Tiger was so pleased to get another original from Dayne.  He is a patron of the arts.  We love it and think she has some real skills.            She is good.

Ethan the BYU recruit got invited to another recruiting party at the Y.  He just truned 16 on the 25th of March and he is the cutest, sweetest, a new Priest, and our favorite 16 year old.
Love this Birthday Boy as he celebrates his 41st birthday. Dane still calls him on the 27th and wished him a happy birthday even though his birthday is the 28th.  They both think it is funny. Huh?
This great kid, Drew is the newest Deacon as he just turned 12 on the 4th of March.

Handsome Schofield boys!  Ethan is 16, Alex is 14 and a new Teacher, Drew is 12 and Peyton will be 10 in June.

Kade starting playing Lacross this spring (this Mexican cheese is delish)
and I think he is dang funny.  I love how he started to sign his name;)to this note that Ethan found on his computer screen.

Addison and Kade are looking way to old and grown up at the BSU Lacross game.
Addison sent me this picture of her being excited that I was coming to visit and entertain the kids during spring break.  I love her freckles.
Lucky Palmers, they get to go to Disneyland every winter with Rich's company.  Dayne told secrets to the Frozen princesses, went to the princess breakfast and they all rode the Cars wild ride several times.

Got to see these Darlins for dinner and a quick stop at the Apple store. Drew at 12 loves to show me that he is taller than me.   Alex loves to give the "baller"face but I think it makes him look sad.  He is so dang cute and has a beautiful smile.  He also told me that he is cool. :)
Happy Birthday to Richard on the 7th of April !  Another cute picture of them at Disneyland.

Love these pups.  Stella girl will be 10 on the 6th of  April.  She is doing pretty good even though she is starting to loose her hearing.  These two bad characters bark and barked at us becaue they knew that cupcakes were on the counter and they wanted some.  Finnley still loves to go for walks even though his hips won't let him go very far.  He still insists that he and only he gets to carry the toy.

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