Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Quick Trip to Boise

Dane and I and the Grandparents are off to Boise to visit the kids. (Dane was really missing Ethan) It might be a little Crazy since it is the end of February and it could snow at any minute.  These are the Crazies.

We are so happy to be with cute Natalie and Ethan
Addison and I got to do a little shopping together.  Nat had to work.  Kade gave great back rubs.  For dinner we got to go to Grimaldi's for delicious pizza and eat outside, well in a net tent with heaters.

Grimaldi's is in the Village with all these cool dancing water and lights.  Kade and Addison really enjoyed the Great Grandparents.

Oscar aka Brown Dog is the king of the castle.  He gets lots of attention, walks, and everybody love him.  He is a good dog!

Don and Nita were pretty easy to have around.

Addison just learned how to do a cartwheel and she is really good.

Happy, happy old people with Kade
Ethan and Natalie live in such a nice neighborhood.  We went on lots of walks, even in pj's.

 We had lots of good eats, played lots of games, it was just so fun to be together.

Dane sang karaoke with the kids which they were really good.  Dane and Ethan did a very funny video too which they were all posted on Instagram. 
Dane received this note.  Gee I wonder who wrote that note?  Ha Ha  It was a quick trip but very fun.  The weather was great, the roads were good and the company was the best.  Thanks for the visit kids.

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