Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mexico Traditon

For the last 7 years these two cuties go to Mexico for spring break, so why break the tradition.  Off to Rocky Point to Dawn and Wimps we go.
We love to play on the beach, from yoga to  at least twice a day a walk out on the flats to the waters edge. 
Dayne and Crewe are so happy and fun to be with.  The tide was out pretty far as you can see how far back the houses are.  The weather this year was warm and perfect. 

Crewe took Tiger out for a ride in the Rhino just after he finished his 3rd book.
Dayne spent most of her time out on the beach.  She did get to drive the Rhino because in Mexico if you have a Tiger you can drive.
The annual picture of Dayne and Dane.

Crewe was the official dog petter to Chase and Lexi, when they weren't trying to bite him.  Mama dog Camilla, Sam and Louie the Mexican dogs were frequent visitors.  They show up for dinner, spend the night, have a little breakfast, nap then take off to explore.  Mama dog certainly makes herself at home taking over the lounger.
Dayne and Crewe make my heart happy.  Dayne helped Uncle Wimp make ice cream and since they are both left handed they called it "left handed ice cream."

Cute, cute Ashley with the Dad.  Love these two a ton.

We ate shrimp and more shrimp. Wrecked at the Reef on the beach is always a favorite.  Crewe wears their hat but I am pretty sure he doesn't get the name.  
Mr. Fish Taco was even open where we had the best shrimp tacos for $1.50.  It isn't open very often and it is pretty dumpy with it's dirt floor and plastic table and chairs but so Mexico and a great deal.

The men's room.  Gross huh?

Audios Mexico.  Thanks for having us.  The Palmer's will be back next year and I'll be back in May to collect those sand dollars.

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