Thursday, May 21, 2015


Oh this is just what we needed.  My sister Judy has been in Atlanta all winter helping with her 3 little grand kids so she too was needing the Mexico break.  Not sure  I "need" the Mexico break but I love to come here, get my summer tan on, do nothing for a week and enjoy.

How could you not love this view of Black Mountain everyday?

One of our favorite places to eat, "Wrecked at the Reef" however we don't get wrecked we just eat shrimp and more shrimp.

I love the beach house! At high tide the water comes all the way up to the steps.  Dawn and Wimp just signed papers to sell it. I am sad.  They do have another unfinished house that they will start on in the fall. It is a couple of streets off the beach but I am sure we will love it too.
Jody and Judy, the Chisum Sisters and friends

And the sand dollar hunt begins.

We went out about 2.5 miles from the shore out to the water front and then onto the flats another 1.5 miles to the sand dollar grave yard.  The picture of Judy is of her swimming in the Sea of Cortez when the water was way in. 

We went out 3 different mornings.  The first morning Judy looked at each and every sand dollar and sea shell.  I love her enthusiasm. Her bucket is the one on the left with not many. Me, I was all about the hunt, it's like hunting for Easter eggs.  The last morning we walked out to the water front thinking that the water wasn't far enough out to find any.  But we found lots and then put about 50 of them close together so they could be with their friends.
This is the picture that I take every year and this year we lined up 140.  We left lots for the next time we come.  I want to take them all home to remember how fun it is. 

It was great being together.  Judy is "the glass is half full" type always positive, always interested in what you are saying and doing. So easy to be around and just so nice.  We walked and talked and ate shrimp every day, watched TV, read books, napped, I hand sewed the binding on a quilt for Aunt Dawn, and we did it all over again.  Judy told me stories of when I was just little and stories of her growing up.   
Judy, Wimp, Craig & Vickie Riggs & Dawn  at our very favorite dumpy Mexican food place, Mr. Shrimp Tacos.  Shrimp tacos for $1.50, burritos for .50 and a side order of dirt floors
and a view of the fishing boats and there friends.
So long Mexico, sand, dirt, beautiful water, the perfect weather and great company.  Back to AZ then home again home again giggy gigThanks for having us.

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