Thursday, June 11, 2015

Annual Yellowstone Park

 We are off to Yellowstone Park with a stop at our favorite Marks In and Out in Livingston, Montana
You know I love clouds and love to talk about them.   Who ever was in charge did an A+ job today.
We went in the West Yellowstone entrance and saw hundreds of buffaloes but no elk.  When we left Billings it was 85 and we wore shorts and sandals.  It was cold and raining in the Park for the most part.  It seems to be like that every year but for some reason we think it is going to different each year.  We hiked around the hot pots.  I thought the sides of these pots were so interesting.

We got to stay at the Old Faithful Snow lodge again this year.  I think about 7 pm the tourists in buses leave, the campers get ready to camp and we are left to enjoy the geysers and beautiful with just a few people.  The first time we saw Old Faithful go off a a couple of hundred people were there in the rain.  The next time maybe 20 people.  It's like we have our own private show.  When we left the next morning we had lots of fog and we got to see one elk. 

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