Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Argentina Boys Weekend

Dane and the boys had a wild weekend in Argentina to eat beef because we don't have beef in Montana.  They meet up in Dallas and then flew 10 hours to Sao Palo then another 2 hours on to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

First things first, dinner of churi pan which is a sausage with chimi churi sauce and fried.  Sounds like they might be spending their weekend in the bathroom.  It's winter in Argentina and about 60 degrees.

Ethan, Rich, Dane and Aaron took a great bike tour of the neighborhoods. There was concern that Dane would crash and die. He didn't.

This is a fantastic walkway. What you don't see anyone there? That's because it is only 10 am. The citizens don't start moving until way after noon. Dinner is around 9 or 10PM.

No one is stealing these bikes.

Watched the national soccer team play on tv. The whole city stops. You couldn't even catch a cab.

The site honoring the fallen in the Falkland wars. The Argentinians still hate the British.

We visited the Recoleta grave and cemetery.  Way cooler than it sounds.  The dog was just cute.  
Grave sites run a cool $500,000

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