Sunday, June 14, 2015


I just love this family of mine.  Alex was off on trek so he was gone most of the time.  He wasn't thrilled about going.  Peyton was glued to Dane and Ernie the dog has every ones heart.  Ethan was taking his ACT's the morning of the race and later Dane and I took just him to lunch.  He is such a nice big boy.  He ate two, 4 pattie burger.

Ethan had just came back from a football recruiting trip to Oregon.  He loved the University of Oregon with there very high tech locker room.  Behind Aaron and Nat's house is a very lush beautiful walking trail.  Big Ern gets them to take him for a walk several times a day.

Such a cute family with a handsome Ernie dog.  Ethan is 16, Alex is 14, Drew is 12 and Peyton is 10.

Drew 12, is so pleased that he taller than me even in heels,  Such handsome boys in there Sunday attire.  Ethan is 6'5" and still growing.

My Ethan came to town on his way to a business meeting in California so we got to have dinner with him.  Cute Alex was so happy to be home.  I think he liked the trek but he says he didn't.  He was much happier after he got to hang out with a few friends that evening.  Dane let Ethan take the Porsche so he was a very happy boy too.

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