Friday, June 12, 2015

Friends, Friends, Friends

We love our friends and always so good to see ones that we can just pick right up where we left off. 
Dane and Steve Snow were the best of friends in law school  Steve is now the Church Historian.

He took us on a tour and showed us all kinds of cool things.  The Church has 12 tennis court size vaults with all different temperatures.  He took us to one vault that was -4 degrees where they keep old film.  We got to listen to recording of President Wilford Woodruff, the 4th president of the Church, testimony, from 1898.  They have lasers that turn on and guard some artifacts when the library is closed, very high tech.

This is some of the minutes of the first Relief Society that they are restoring.  Also one of the first additions of the Book of Mormon that they are working on.
Steve has quite the office with such a beautiful view of the Salt Lake Temple.  He said the the late L. Tom Perry came to office and asked what he had to do to get an office lie his.   Steve had to take care of some business so we waited in his office and Dane took a nap on his couch.
While we went to lunch he had this cane and another cane brought out of the vaults.  This black cane that Dane is holding was Brigham Young's cane that he used when he walked into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.  He let us hold it, touch it and it belonged to Brigham Young, a prophet of God.  Wow!  He also showed us another cane that belonged to Brigham Young that had ivory drilled into the cane.  He used it when he went to Saint George to check on the building of the temple.  He found that many of the men had left for the gold rush.  He was unhappy and smacked the cane on the pulpit and put a big dent in the pulpit.  It was all so interesting and fun to be with Steve.  He's a great man, a good friend and a great member of the Church.  He is still in the First Quorum of Seventies so he travels for Stake Conferences 3 Sundays a month.  Phyllis, the wife usually doesn't go with him unless he is doing Church History stuff.  We only got to see Phyllis for a short time, so next time we come we'll play with her too.

We got to have dinner with Wayne and Joan Ostler. Kathy and Erin Clark meet up with us too.  So good to be together again.  Wish they all still lived in Billings.  Wayne is recovering from open heart surgery and doing well.  We have know WayneO and Just Joan since 1977 when we moved to Billings.  Great friends!

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