Saturday, June 13, 2015

Utah Valley Half Marathon

Several months ago my BFF Kippi Clark called and asked if I would walk a half marathon with her in June.  I was all in from the very beginning.  We found a 16 week training and I though piece of cake, until she told me that she walks a 14 minute mile.  Holy smoke I needed to get going as that is a very fast walking pace.  I could do maybe one 14 minute mile but not 13.1 miles.
We got up at 3:30 AM as we had to be at the pick up stop by 4 AM for the bus to the starting point.  We started about 8 miles up the Provo Canyon.  It was dark out and very exciting.  Bus after bus dumped off runners.  It was very festive, dark, and chilly about 50 degrees.  20 minutes before the race started we put our jackets in the truck that took our stuff to the finish line.   At 6:30 AM sharp the gun went off and away we all went.  It was hard not to run as Erin Clark Tanner took off and the crowd thinned out fast. It was cold for the first mile or so.  It was beautiful and so well organized and super fun.
Coming out of the canyon where Aaron and Dane first saw us about mile 8.  The race had two lanes and no traffic. They tried walking with us but we were to fast for them.  We stopped twice and then would run to get back on our pace.
We had several miles under 14 minutes.

We are strong and we can do this.  It was starting to get hot however. Our feet were hot and my toes hurt.  I think I am going to loose a coupe of toe nails.  Boooo

We walked most of the way but I just couldn't help myself and I had to run at the very end.  We walked with this couple that we kept ahead of most of the race. They were not going to beat us professionals.

We did it! It was way fun!

I love my Fitbit, instant motivation and satisfaction.

One more stat to add I finsihed 22 in my age group, 60-65.  Only 25 crazy old people.:)   This is a young peoples thing and maybe I should hang up my running shoes.
With it being so hot it was easy to get dehydrated.  I thought I had enough water but I was feeling pretty puny by the time I got home.  If there is a next time I will drink more at the end and eat more than a yogurt before the race.

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