Monday, July 13, 2015

Let's Go Sharks

We drove back from Boise Monday just in time for Dane to give a talk at the Single Adult Conference.  After a load of laundry and  a repack of the suitcase I was off to CA to see the Shark Darlins.
Crewe is 11 but he was asked to practice with the 13-14 year olds every morning at 7 AM, he never complained.   
 He is having a great swim season!.
He finished first in back and in his IM.  His relay team finished first also.  He is a great flyer and has improved his time each race.It is so fun to watch the kids swim.

Ashley says this is her last year being the manager.  We shall see.  It is a ton of work, she starts with meetings in January.  She has worked hard, put in a ton of hours and has loved it.

This baby girl has had a great season also. 

She loves all of her friends on the team and is getting faster.  The start of the relay is perfect.

Dayne is a backstroker but really took off this season in the breast stroke.

It was so fun to be with them for a few days.  It was un seasonably cold.  I wore a jacket and had to buy some pants. It did finally warm up for the meet, which I loved.

After the meet since the kids are part fish we headed over to the pool, my favorite thing.  I also love this pictures of Dayne jumping in the water.
Before I left for the airport we took a quick bike ride.
  Poor California has been in a drought for the last 4 years so things are very dry.  Nobody has a green lawn as they can't water but once a week.  Nobody has flowers and all the parks are brown.  I couldn't help myself I couldn't quit talked about the brown.  Ashley said she hasn't talked so much about it in the 4 years as we did in the few days I was there.  :)

  I love these Darlins and it was so fun to be with them.  We went out to eat, changed Daynes bed around, I did Cinderella type things, shopped, got a pedicure and manicure and they swam lots.  I love everything about the swim meets.  I love that it is hot and the swimmers splash water on your legs.  Mostly I love to watch these kids race.  Thanks for having me Rich and Ashley and swim real fast Sharks. 

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