Monday, July 6, 2015

More fun in Boise for the 4th

Happy 4th of July.  We took the Grandparents with us to Boise for the holidays.  Alex was in Texas visiting his other cousins so we were one boy short.
Ernie the dog came to visit Oscar and they were major play dogs. Such cute good pups.
The kids had all kinds of fun at the neighborhood pool.  It was super hot while we were in Boise so it was so perfect to get to go to the pool.
You know I love when Aaron does a plane show.  He brought a couple of planes and did not disappoint.  We went to the huge park in the neighborhood. 
A good game of "Tiger says."  I think the 2 Ethans both won.

Dr Nat, Aaron, Drew, Addison, Kade and Peyton and I went to the air museum.  It had lots of cool planes and memorabilia from all the wars.   Dane and the Grandparents went to  Costco for 4th of July food while Nat was slaving away at the Big C, Costco.
  Drew is a mini Aaron. He took tons of pictures and knows all kinds of stuff about the planes.  It was an awesome museum.
Addison loved the museum for an enitre different reason.  She found the perfect place for cartwheels in the hanger right in front of a huge fan.
Lots of fun games were played.

Some of the cool rafters with their cool glasses.  On the 4th we all, except Don and Nita, floated the Boise River with 1000 of our closest friends.  It was very fun, very hot out and very cold water 56 degrees. 
After Aaron, Dr. Nat and the boys took off we went on the Green Belt by the Boise river for a bike ride.  Dane and I rented bikes at a hub. 
It is such a beautiful ride along the river.
Kade 10, and Addison 9 were great hosts.  Love these Darlins!

Tired cute Oscar aka Brownie was exhausted after having company.  Thanks for having us.  It was so fun to be all together, have good eats, play fun games and we love Boise. 

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