Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Crewe the Deacon

and so we did
How can this darlin be 12.  I think he was about 8 months old and he and Ashley came for Mother's Day to visit.  They were coming down the escalator at the airport and he saw me and got all excited.  He lunged for me and wanted me to hold him. He knew me and I fell deeper in love.  What a great kid he is. I think his best quality is that he is kind.  He thinks of others and wants to include everyone and he does. 
We arrived Thursday and after the kids got out of school on Friday we all went into "the City."  Dane kept trying to call it "Frisco" but apparently only tourist call it that.  Dane and Ash asked 3 random people if it is ever call Frisco and one guy was pretty pushed out of shape.  It wasn't just no but HELL NO.  So San Francisco is the City.

Dane ie Tiger and Dayne.  They just love each other.
Saturday we got up and worked out. The hotel had a cool lap pool that Dayne swam in and them we went to the Ferry Building to its huge Farmers Market and also checked out all the cute shops. 
The real reason for the City was to walk across the San Franciso Bridge.  It was pretty cool.  The cars were whizzing bye at 50 mph and it was sooooo loud.  Also quite a few people but it was awesome to look out at Alcatraz Island and the City.
The top of the bridge was in the clouds which makes for a  cool picture.

Off to church and to have Richard ordain Crewe to be a Deacon.  All of Richards family came too and then we had a BBQ for all 20 of us.  Can you see that Ashley the Mom is a pick pocket?

A few cute pictures.  Saturday after we got home from the city we ran over to the pool to cool off.  That evening we 4 adults went to dinner while the kids anted to stay home.  A 12th Birthday celebration for Crewe with all the Palmer family and Dane and I.  It was a very fun weekend.

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