Monday, August 24, 2015

Knock Knock Surprise

Thursdy night we decided to get up early and make the 10 hour drive to Utah and surprise the kids. We wanted to get there in time for Ethans first football game of the seaon.  Needless to say Dr. Nat was surprised.  Aaron and the kids were surprised and happy to see us.

Ethan is a junior this year and we are so proud of him.  He is being recruited by several coleges including our beloved Cougars.  He and his team had a great game.  They played Timpview who is ranked # 1 in the State in 4A and had 27 straight wins until they met The Lone Peak Knights.  The Knight stuck it to them with a huge win 35-0.

Ethan too is so proud of his namesake   So it was an added bonus getting to see Ethan and his kids.  They came to Utah for the first game and to see the best dentist ever. 
These two cool cats ie Alex and Ethan loved Tigers car.  What's not to love?

Ernie the dog is still cute and a good dog.  However he is not happy when E leaves and he will still on the couch and wait for him to return.
Love me some Addi girl.  She loves to play with the boys but she also loves to have Grandma take her shopping, which of course we did. 
Also watched the youngest Schofield iePeyton play football.  Tiger and Alex were good cheerleaders.
Cute Kade 9 (almost 11) and cute Drew (12)  had the best time playing.  They are such good friends.  We could hardly drag them away from the house.  Between a computer game and a cool fort they built we hardly saw them.
Addison had Dr. Nat do her hair and it was so cute.  The kids played and played so computer game that they made the fighting critters.

Two cool boys again.
We had the best time and it was so fun to surprise them all.  It was a quick trip full of good laughs, football, shopping for us girls, a movie for the boys, and good eats.
  Thanks for having us Darlins!

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