Saturday, August 8, 2015

Summer vacation in Vegas ?

Ashley, Rich and kids drove to southern Utah for a family reunion.  Dane and I got to fly to Vegas meet up with them in for two days. It was so good to be with my favorite girl.
The kids had never been to Vegas or a big show .  We got to go see the circus like show of "KA"  It is amazing yet weird.  Lots of people hanging from the ceiling twirling around.  We had fantastic seats.  The next afternoon we went to the best magic show "Mack King."  It was very funny and we all enjoyed it.  That evening Dane, Ash and Rich went to see "Jersey Boys" again.  Great music, they loved it.
Dane and Dayne.  They have a special bond. 
 She loves her Tiger.

Crewe new where to find some relief. It was 106.  I kind of like it but just for a while.  I like the heat on my arms. 
I know Vegas in the summer, it is like being on the face of the sun. What were we thinking?
We got to stay at the cool Paris Hotel.  We really liked their pool and it was so nice about 85 first thing in the morning.  They also had a wonderful buffet that we had for breakfast.  I would highly recommend it.
Crewe loves the Roman Gods.  Caesars Palace has a cool talking statue little program.

A few pictures of the hotel wedding chapels that Dayne really liked and the Aria hotel with it's really neat clouds. 

Across the street from the Paris is the Beligio with it's dancing waters.  I think they need to do a little updating yet it was
 very pretty.

The French toast waffle at the waffle house is just a little bit big and so good.
Rich drove on to California and Ash and the kids hoped the plane to Montana with us.  What a fun trip.

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