Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Visitors

I wait all summer for these Darlins to come to Montana.  I feel so lucky that they get to stay 2 weeks and we try and get all kinds of fun in.  I make a list and we check the fun things off. 
I think Dayne loves the dogs more than anything else.  She can't walk by one of them without stopping and hugging and kissing them.  Fin and Stella love her too.  Crewe gets his dog lovin in also.
First things first.  After being in the pool almost every day a girl needs to have her hair done, right?   It is so cute.
Darling Crewe got his braces off right before they left CA.  Such a great smile on such a handsome boy.

Dayne entered her "Purple Field" "Tiger" and "Horse" in the Yellowstone County Fair.  She was so please that she got 2 first place ribbons and a second place ribbon.  We think she is really good and a patron of her arts.  We own the "Purple Field" and of course the "Tiger."  We were very pleased that she did so well.  To top it all off she got a check for $11.00!!
Checked off the fun list "Oasis" swim park.  It doesn't look like many people were there but we stayed late and swam and played in the wave pool and the lazy urinal.
Dayne got to take 4 art lessons and then we took a flower painting class all together.

Aunt Dawn, Dayne, my friend Cortnee, me and Ashley are artist.  It was so fun and I think we did pretty good.
I love these Sunday pictures. Look at the cute photo bomber behind Tiger and Crewe.

I love to sew and it was fun teaching Dayne how to sew.  She made a pillowcase and is ready to move on.

One of our favorite things to do is sleep in the tree house.  The first time with Crewe was so hot that we rigged up a fan that blew on us and drown out the loud crickets.  I think it was 8o degrees when we went to bed. 

My friend Cortnee and her husband Steve and girls took the kids fishing.  On Daynes first cast she caught a fish, a little fish but it was a fish.  Both Cp and Dayne caught fish which they were pretty excited about.  We girls enjoyed the hot.
Dayne's turn to sleep in the tree house.  We have a pretty sweet deal.  We have two pretty comfy cots that just fit.  It starts off hot but cools off fast so we bring all kinds of quilts.  Early in the morning Dayne and I had a visitor, CP, who came and joined us.  Crewe and I slept outside another night and it was about 55 so way cooler so more quilts but we had a good night sleep. It's fun and one of my favorite things to do with the kids.

We love the caramel rolls at Harper and Madison.  We try to go at least once a visit and sometimes we get to go twice.  It's in a tree lined neighborhood and is so cute and GOOD.

Tree lined neighborhood again a great girl place to go.  Dane took Crewe to a boys movie so we girls got to go to Juliano's

We ticked off almost all the boxes on the fun things to do list and more.  We ate out, shopped, went to the movie, fished, swam, slept in the tree house, painted, went to the fair, sewed, rode bikes, shot the bb gun, and petted the pups.  Finnley and Stella are exhausted but loved the company too.  We all miss them.  I think they should hurry back.

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