Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Fun

We have been having a wonderful warm fall.  
The trees are just starting to turn now that it is October and the leaves are starting to multiply on the lawn.  I'm ready for the change in weather and clothes an to tackle all those leaves with my yard boy, Dane.
Ethan was here working for a week. He sure loves his job.  His boss was here with him for 4 days and I think he was impressed with Beef and really liked Billings.  It was fun to have Ethan here, however he was out the door by 7:30 and several night not home until 10:30, just like old times.  I guess it doesn't matter how old you are you still wait up for the kids to come home.
Kade is such a cool kid.  I love that he is almost always happy.  It always surprises me when he throws it down or even cries.  He is such a great kid and for some reason he likes bow ties, go figure.

Addison is such a sweetie.  I love her.  She posted this picture on Instagram and I think it is so cute.  They are great kids.

Love Mr Peyton, he was ready for his Primary talk.  He is tall, handsome and 10 years old.

Lady Dayne is so dang cute.  She is in the Eco club and was so excited to get to join the club.  Basically they pick up trash around the school.  I'm not sure how they spun this club to get members but she loves that she is a club member.  Somebody is Tom Sawyer.

Aaron was in Richland, Washington working and Ethan came through town.  Ethan sent me this picture saying "look who I found on my work trip."  So fun to find your brother and get to dine together as the ships pass in the night.

Dane and I went golfing out at Eagle Rock. As you can see it is out in the middle of a wheat field.   It was the first time I golfed there and found a really cool lake that I thought would be so fun to go kayaking on until I found that it's name is "Rattle Snake Lake."  Pass and in fact I'm not sure I can golf there ever again.
Cute, happy Kade is a scoring machine.  He  scored again in his winning La Cross game.  He isn't the smallest on the team and he is super fast.

Another Schofield is an Eagle.  Great job Alex and parents.  He organized collecting, refurbished and distributed used football clients for his project.

 We are so proud of cute Alex earning his Eagle Ranking.  Uncle Ethan was there to help celebrate Alex.  Alex chose Ethan as his mentor which I think is sweet and such an honor for Ethan.  Look at all those badges those darling boys have earned.

Crewe is running cross country for his Livermore Vally Charter School and is fast.  It has been super hot 90 degrees and he is loving it.  In the Pleasanton Middle School race, 1.8 miles he finished first from his school with a 6.58 mile. 

Dane and I got to go to Michigan for the weekend and the BYU Michigan game.  We had a great weekend even though the Cougars had a bad weekend.  It was very fun and great to be with Stew and Grace. 

Grand Rapids has lots of fun things to see and do.  We got to visit the Fred Meyer Gardens and museum.  It was so beautiful with acres of flowers.  A huge beautiful Japanese garden, a children's garden and lots to enjoy.   I think I need to come visit again as you could spend hours enjoying all the flora and fauna.

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