Monday, October 19, 2015

Utah Homecoming

The BYU Cougars and the Lehi Knights were having homecoming so we thought we should join in on the fun.  We drove to Cody an hour and a half and caught the cheaper Delta flight to Utah to see all these darlins. 

The boys had school, 7th grader Drew, 5th grader Peyton, and cool freshman Alex were off to school while Addison got ready for the big game.  Ethan had business in Utah so Kade and Addison got to skip school come spend the weekend with us.

The Knights won their homecoming game with the help of the big guy  # 72.  He is such a great kid.  He and 35 of his team mates get us at 5:30 AM and go to the temple on game days.  Ethan and 4 of his friends started going and Lone Peak was winning so they got the rest of the team on board and they keep winning.  Such great kids!
E always has a big cheering section and always so fun to be together, love all these Darlins.  We got to check out his date for the homecoming dance as she was wearing one of his #72 jerseys.  After the game she was having her picture taken with him by a friend so we sent Uncle Ethan over to take one too.  He said "I was voted the least embarrassing relative to come take a picture of you two."  E thought it was funny.

Addison and I were assigned to save a spot in the park to take Ethan and his friends pictures before the big date. 

Oh E, I can't believe you are old enough to date and you are so handsome.  I think your cute date Rachel has the hots for you.  Her friends on the Instagram pictures refereed to you two "as the cutest couple ever."

Fun prom dates.

We also got to see Big Al and his team win.  Number 44 is a hoopster.  He has Dads number which made him so happy.  Even with the girly head band to keep the cool hair out of his eyes they beat up on a team and he shot the lights out.

Next, BYU Homecoming.  Started it off with the parade and the great BYU band, then over to the bookstore to buy more BYU paraphernalia
We are Cougar fans, Aaron , Dr. Nat and the Mom.            Should of asked the lady in the back to sit somewhere else.

The game was great and they won.  They beat East Carolina. 

After a walk with the big Ern in charge Ethan took us to the airport.  Ethan, Kade and Addison were heading back to Idaho and we were off to  Montana after a very fun weekend.

The flight to Cody, Wyoming was really bumpy and wind was howling.  We took a 30 minute side trip on our was home up to the Chief Joseph look out.  It was just a little windy.  Love my hair, I'm not sure I could make it stand up if I really wanted it to.

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