Monday, November 16, 2015

San Diego + Palmers = Tons of Fun

We're Back!
We love San Diego and any time we can go, we go.
Richard's cousin was getting married and we were invited to take care of the kids while Ash and Rich did the wedding festivities.  The bride-to-be got really really sick and the wedding was postponed.  The tickets were bought so we were off to our favorite place.
  I took this picture crossing the Coronado bridge looking at San Diego.
Love the Coronado beach and these two Darlins.   We walked on the beach each morning before the donut stop.
We all love Sea World but Ashley the most. It was a perfect day and hardly a crowd.
The Sea Lion show was a real hit with the trained sea lion doing the tango.

I've always wanted to swim with the dolphins but this might be as close as I will ever get to them.  they just look so happy.
The whole day was way fun.

Back to the Coronado Beach.  Rich is looking very preppy but really he is just carrying Dayne's jacket.

The cute Palmer's.  
The family was not all that excited about going to the Mormon Battalion monument but once we were there and saw a Schofield in the group they like it.

Look who we found at the San Diego Zoo, twins.
You know Dane used to work at the zoo.  He got fired for feeding the monkeys.  Well, he was feeding the monkeys to the tigers. 

Our favorite animals.
I love the giraffes and the polar bear looks so cuddley.  The baby riding on his Moms back was so cute the Red Panda is Crewe's favorite.

Yep, Crewe is officially taller than his mother.  
November 2015
Crewe is 12.

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