Thursday, December 31, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Good morning Montana!  It has been cold out walking the pups but sure is beautiful. 
These are a few of my favorite things.  The Porsche's with the Christmas trees are super cute.  I sent one to the nephew Kal for his Elf on the Shelf "Jody" so she could ride in style.  The wreath Dane and I saw at Gainans Christmas Open House.  A few days later he came home with the wreath.  It is so real looking and I love it.  The Mexican restaurant is the new addition to the Dept 56 houses.  The taco truck and waiter and table were a gift from Aaron and Nat.  I love it all.

The best thing about Christmas is these darling dog lovers got to come to Montana.  Crewe and Dayne just love these pups, Dayne especially.  She went every morning with Dane to walk the pups.  It was cold, dark and she was ready and happy.  One morning when the dogs woke up she was already dressed and shouted "wake up, wake up, wake up."  I don't think she ever walked passed either dog without giving them some love.  When they leave the dogs are depressed too.  They love all of the attention.
We got to eat at lots of good places and Ashley made us lots of good treats.  One of her best was the shortbread cookies for Santa and of course we love going to Harper and Madison.  They are closing for a few months for a remodel so we went twice for their delicious caramel rolls.
Before going to the new Star Wars movie which we all loved and went to while the kids in Billings were still in school so we got in with no problem.  We spent a little time at Scheels.  We love that store and the kids love the ferris wheel. It seems like I can never get out of that sports store without spending at least $100 ~
Love these Darlins.  Crewe is getting so tall, he grew almost 3 inches since August.  I love to take Dayne and Dane picture together.
Christmas Eve.  After we read the Christmas scriptures,  the pass around gifts and carols with Daynes sign language the kids got new pj's.  Crewe was thrilled with the Ravenclaw pj pants and Fin shirt.
CHRISTMAS FAVORITES  We were all so happy with all the gifts.  I think  Dayne's favorite gift were the American Girl dog and accessories and Crewe's was a new game system the PS4 but he loved the Ravenclaw robe. 

We had lots of snow for Christmas, it was just like in the movies, and Danes new coat was toasty.  Ash and Rich were happy, happy, happy and Fin was the most tired dog of all.

Merry Christmas from Don and Nita.  Seconds later Grandpa knocked over Grandmas water glass.  Sure glad I got the picture first,  and Dane made a delicious prime rib for dinner.

Crewe and Dayne are turning into cow hands, at least while at the Big R.

I tricked Ash into walking outside with me even though it was really really cold.  She has turned into a California girl and was pretty much frozen the entire 2 weeks she was here.   

Next outside activity was sledding.  It snowed then got really cold so by the time we got to sled the hill was really slick and fast.

Crewe and Dayne loved it !  I was the first to get cold.

Happy , Happy Birthday. Yep, I'm 64.  I think I must be old now.  I still feel young.  I hope I get to live a long time.   I look at this picture and I see how much Ashley and I look a like, but she is so pretty.

Happy Birthday to my baby and best birthday present ever.  How can you be 36?  I think Ethan is very handsome and looks like George Clooney    For my birthday we went bowling like usual and can you tell who was the big winner.  I think Ash bowled 120 and I didn't even break 100.  I was terrible.

And the next winter activity was ice skating.  As a kid we used to ice skate to school but it had been years since I had last skated.  It took me a couple of times around the rink to get it down but it was fun and I didn't fall.  Dayne used the bars to help her and Crew creeped around the rink.  It was fun. 

One of the highlights of the Montana trip was Crewe going to the temple for the first time to do baptisms.  He was pretty excited and kept saying that he was feeling so happy inside.  We were excited to take him to the Billings, Montana Temple.  Richard had gone back to California and Dayne stayed at the office with our assistant Delaine.  We did have one problem, Danes temple recommend expired so he had to waited for us.  I think it was a great experience. 

We made root beer to ring in the New Year and wonderful German food.  The dry ice and smoke was very fun and Dayne kept saying it was her witches brew.  For New Years Eve we all went to the Alberts Bair for a concert "Rockapella."  It was pretty good and the kids loved it.  We were home by 9:30 and none of us could make it to midnight.  
We had a wonderful holiday season and we really loved having Ashley, Rich and Crewe and Dayne for Christmas.  We feel so blessed and grateful for our great life, health and of course the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have had a great year and hope that next year will be just as good.

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