Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cute Winter Darlins

Oh these two are cute.  Uncle Ethan was in Utah on business and went and watched one of Alex's basketball games.  Ethan is 6 feet and Alex at 14 1/2 is 6' 3", this week ofcourse with the hair a few more inches.

This handsome devil Crewe was off to the middle school dance. 

Crewe played on the schools volley ball team.  I don't think they won one game this year but he had fun.

Dayne is part monkey.

Cute Addison, Natalie and weird Kade.

Addison loves to go to Starbucks.  She loves the fancy drinks and the cake pops.

HANDSOME Ethan the younger will be 17 soon.:(

Cute Kade, Chicken Run face Ethan and brown dog doing yoga.  Natalie is training to be a yoga teacher.

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