Sunday, February 28, 2016

Love to Quilt

Ashley's Birthday Quilt 2-14-16
Delaine our assistant Birthday quilt. One Saturday she came over and we whipped up this darling quilt for her.

Dayne's quilt for her 9th Birthday. It is made with real soft flannel and minky on the back. 3-9-16                                       In January my friend Florence was telling me about the Washington State Fair Sewing Expo that has been held for something like 50 years and how I needed to go.  She was going with 8 other ladies and had signed up to take lots of classes.  So I called my friend Julie Brown and we bought tickets to fly to Seattle.  Signed up for a few classes and we were committed. 
We flew in early Thursday morning, rented a car, found our hotel in Puyallup, and was at the fair grounds by 8 AM.  We found Big Foot at the entrance welcoming us.
This was our kind of heaven.  Probably 200 to 300 sewing booths with fabric, gadgets and notions.  Oh my gosh it just made my heart race.  We found so many cool things.

The first day we just looked and looked and went to one class and tried to remember where each booth was that we needed to go back to.  We are standing in front of the most beautiful soft silk ribbon in every color and shade.  The classes were great and the shopping even better.  Each day it was like starting all over again.  We bought several new gadgets, and fabric for 2 quilts and one bag.  In fact we both had to send boxes home.  We had the best time and the big speaker was a spokes person for Babylock and was very entertaining.  It rained off and on and my hair was lovely but oh well.  It was so fun and just what I needed.  I don't think I need to go to the Expo every year but I sure would like to come back.
The daffadils were to die for. The most beautiful colors.

Saturday after our 8:30 class we decided that we needed to see Seattle so we GPS our way to Pikes Market.  Tons of beautiful flowers and huge bouquets for only $20.00 but we couldn't figure out how to get them on the plane with our new cutting rulers. 

We ate shrimp on the water front and just had the best time. (Oh my poor hair)  We went down to the U District and found an outdoor shopping area with all kinds of cool shops.  We didn't get home tell 10:30.

Julie was a great travel partner and we like the same things.  We stayed up late and got up early.

We didn't go up in the Space Needle but it just says Seattle.  Everything was so green and the trees are starting to wake up.

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