Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our happy Life

Sad to say but much of our life centers around these pups.  Stella loves to sleep on her back, she looks like a crocodile with her little white teeth showing.  However she comes in our room about 5 AM and sleeps like this and then stretches out and scratches the wall, very loudly.

At the very least we take the pups out first thing in the morning, right after we get up. On Saturdays they talk Dane into a ride and walks several times during the day.  Finnley loves to ride in the front seat and sometimes he calls "shot gun" and I have to ride in the back set.  He LOVES Dane and Dane loves him.  Fin also loves that toy.

Fin will be 12 in July, he is getting old and I just couldn't bring myself to be mad at him for being up on the couch.

Stella claimed the dog bed so Finn took things into to his own paws and climbed up on the couch AND we were right there.  Oh they are so cute.

Bad girl Stella is deaf.  I came home to her sleeping in the chair.  I had to touch her to wake her up.  She looked so comfortable I just had to take her picture before I made her get down. Something tells me she has napped here a time of two, maybe it is the black dog hair.
It's our 43rd Anniversary.  We are happy.  Sure glad I married this guy. 1-18-16

We have been going to this little Art House Theater and seeing funky films.  It is pretty cool.  Only about 30 seats, $6.00 for us old people and $2.00 popcorn.  If we want we could even have a beer, and we have been going in the evening and not napping;)

"Ned, Ned the Head, Ned Ryerson"  One of our time favorite films.  Have to watch it for Ground Hogs day:) every year.

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