Monday, March 14, 2016

Dayne turnd 9

This is just what we needed, we needed a break.  We have been doctoring Don and Nita, running back and forth to their house atleast 3 times a day, cooking, getting them ready to move to a retirement home, going through all their stuff and getting the condo ready to sell.  Aunt Dawn is back from Australia and is on Grandparent watch.  Nita is still pretty weak but is getting better. 
So off we go to California for the weekend.  
Happy, happy 9th Birthday to Dayne.  She got the new American Girl Doll Leah for her Birthday. For her Birthday we went to the American Girl store and had her doll Rebecca's hair done.  It was such a cool store and Dayne was so excited.  I even wanted everything in the store.
Ashley, Dayne, her two dolls, and I had lunch at the malt shop.  It was very fancy and Dayne so so pleased with everything.
Tiger and Crewe shopped around while we were playing dolls and then we found this robot that was the mall security.
The next day we went into San Fransisco, ate down on the pier, shopped and tried to stay out of the rain.

Of course went down Lombard street and took cute pictures.

Ireland - California is so green.  It has been raining non stop and that is all they want to talk about now.

Love, love, love these grand kids of ours.  Crewe is 12, and such a great kid.  Dayne is now 9 and such a sweet thing.  I want them to freeze and never change.
We had a great time and recharged.  Thanks so much Palmers.

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