Monday, March 7, 2016


This winter has been a tough one on the Grandparents.  Grandpa got the flu and was sick for his 91st birthday on the 21st of January.  Unfortunately Grandma caught the flu too.  By Sunday they called us on our way out the door for church saying they needed to go to the ER.  Grandpa had fallen the day before and had broken 3 ribs and Grandma was so weak and has pneumonia.  I love this card from Kade, especially the part "come on... he is scared of nothing!"
Grandma stayed in the hospital for a week.  She looks pretty good for being a hospital patient.
After a week home we made another trip to the ER and back in the hospital.  It was pretty scary.  Grandpa was all better but Nita was having trouble getting back up to speed and the pneumonia was back.  Another week in the hospital then

to the nursing home or the "half way house" as Crewe and Dayne called it, for a week.  Grandpa stayed at the assisted living side but they were able to eat together and spend time together.  While they were healing we were looking for a retirement-assisted living for them to move into.  After 6 weeks of 3 times a day going over to feed them, walk the dog, laundry, shopping, worrying and taking care we all decided that a move would be good.  Nita is getting better and with a quick trip back to the ER for fluids we think she is finally getting her strength back.  Sweetwater here they come.

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