Monday, March 28, 2016

Natalie Drives Kade and Addison to MT

We love company.  Ethan, was suppose to come with Natalie, Kade and Addison to Billings for the Easter weekend.  The kids had spring break and were ready to come for a visit.  Ethan's helper in Spokane backed out on him so he ended up going to Washington and Nat and the kids came here.  We were so happy to have them.  The dogs were happy to have personal peters here.  We played Wii dance party, rode the feriswheel at Scheels, and went to the movie.

Had lots of good food and went to a Japanese cook at your table place that was very entertaining.  The kids loved it and the food was good.

Had fun visiting Don and Nita and checked out the retirement home.  Addison loved it and claimed that she wants to live there.  We told her that she had to 55 and she could live there with her husband, she is on board.  We went to the movie and at the theater and were the only ones.  As you can see we made our selves comfortable.  I think Tiger and Kade sat in every chair, once they came in from playing pool.  It was pretty fun.

Of course we had to do some shopping.  Addison tried on lots in this oh so very pink dressing room.  I thought I was in a Pepto Bismal bottle.

We had fun dying Easter Eggs.  Our family wasn't a big hard boiled egg eaters so we have always dyed raw eggs.  Only lost one during the Easter Egg hunt.

Had to make the El B stop.  Kade ate the entire smothered burrito.
Love these two Montana lovers.  Kade will be 12 in August and Add will soon be 10.  They are such great kids.

Thanks for driving all 20 hours Cheese Steak to come visit and bring us these Darlins.  Now that you know you can do it come again and often.

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