Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Grandma goes to Utah

Dane and Aaron are in Hong Kong on a boys trip so I flew down to spend the weekend with these cute kids.  Alex 15 wanted to go clothes shopping, Drew 13 and Peyton 10 wanted to go to a trampoline place.

Flying Peyton and Drew had all kinds of fun and it was fun watching them.
Big Ern loves to play on the trampoline with Peyton and Drew.

One of the reasons I came down was to see Ethan and his date off to the prom.  They went on day date to a Star Trek mission,  then they dressed up and went to dinner at the Joseph Smith Garden Top, then the Prom was at the Utah State Capitol Building.  Tiger let him drive his Porsche while he has been gone so he was cool.  He had lots of fun and his date was very cute.

Cute Drew, Alex , Peyton and Ernie on our way to church.  Well Ern doesn't go to church but sure would like to.
The weekend was really fun.  Dr. Nat and I hit 4 fabric stores, had lots of good eats, and played. Both Natalie and I have had a bad cold and cough so not lots of playing.  Lots of watching cooking shows.

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