Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hong Kong

Dane and Aaron took one of those crazy 4 day trips to Hong Kong.  They flew from SLC to LA, then a 12 hour flight to Toyko, then a 3 hour flight to Hong Kong. 
They hunted down donuts and Mexican food.  Gave the donuts a 5 and the Mexican food a 7.  

The restaurants in Tokyo all have their fake plastic food displayed in outside, so you can see what you are ordering.

We stayed on the Disney property. Very nice, you can't get into the pool without getting wet, I tried. Disney was fun and Dane says there was lots of Asians.  Not quite as big as the other Disneyland's but very clean and Dane got in for $14.00 as he is a senior.
  There is no 4th floor here, as that is an unlucky number, as is the 13th floor.

Octopus anyone? pass. McDonald's has corn as a side dish. Who knew? As usual Dane found a dog but as it goes let sleeping does lie.  The sleeping dog at the Big Buddha temple.
 They are left alone and considered sacred.  Also good eatin.

Foggy morning and quite a climb to see the big fella, "The Big Buddha."

One of Danes dreams was to be like James Bond and stay at the Peninsula Hotel, so they did.   Took the Rolls to the airport. Way cool.

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