Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mexico Spring Break

Dayne and Crewe's annual trip to Mexico and this time to the new house.  It's not right on the beach but it is close.
We all loved the house, it is  big and will be even nicer when it is all finished.
Crewe's favorite thing to do is drive the Rhino.  He loves to read and usually finishes at least 2 books in the few days we are in Mexico.

We just happened to be there on the weekend of the "Spring Tide" when the tides are the highest and the lowest.  Lucky us we got to go sand dollare hunting.  I have always wanted to bring the kids.  It was so fun and we filled up buckets.  We walked way out to the sand dollar bone yards.
Sand dollar hunters.

We had fun playing in the water.

Lots of good eats but our all time favorite is Mr. Fish Tacos on the dirt floor and folding tables.

Lots of  Rhino rides, a little shopping, swimming at the condos and a first Dane, Ashley and CP went to the Mexican movie theater.

On one of the Rhino rides Crewe and Dane found Lois and Mama dog napping in the middle of the street.  Louie came right over for pets.  We were all happy that he is still around and has found the new house.
We love Mexico, and we love taking the kids for spring break.  Thanks Aunt Dawn and Uncle Wimp for having us.
P. S.  Crewe is now taller than me, happy and sad day.

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