Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring in Montana

Speedy Crewe is running track this spring for the first time.  He is a speedster in the 800.

Look how cute the rain bucket down spouts is, Dane got it for me for Christmas and I love it.

After 4 1/2 years as the Relief Society President I was released on the 1st of May.  It was a great calling and I received lots of blessings.  Our Sisters in our ward take really good care of each other and I will miss being associated so close with them.  Wonder what the future will bring.

Dayne and Ashley the Montana girls showing their colors.  It makes me happy that they love Montana, me too.

Cute Addison and Kade are taking a break from Lacrosse this warm spring in Boise.  It is already hot in Idaho.

My man just couldn't wait to get back on the tractor, it was a cold day but the lawn needed to be mowed. This picture was taken in early April.

We are so proud of Ethan.  He got an offer from Air Force to play football.  The letter said that this scholarship is worth $450,000!!!!  He hasn't made a commitment yet. 
Sleeping Alex and Ethan in church or are they praying?
Ethan came for a quick visit on a working trip.  Had to whip up on the Grandparents in Wizard. 
April 28, 2016 just when we thought spring was here.  The snow only lasted for the day once it started to rain. 
So the next week spring was back and I felt better and the golf course was calling our names.  It was pretty fun.
     I have never been so sick.  Dane and Aaron flew back from Hong Kong into SLC on Monday night the 18th of April.  Our plan was to get up at 5:30 AM the next morning and drive back to Montana.  I woke up at 4 AM with the world spinning.  I crawled up the stairs to the bathroom with my phone as my flash light.  I was so dizzy I could hardly walk and was so sick.  I laid on the floor (4 boys live in this house and use this bathroom) and finally called Dane at 5 AM to tell him I was sick. About 8:30 after a blessing he wrapped me up in a quilt and we started our 10 hour drive home.  I hardly opened my eyes and just wanted him to drive straight.  The world wasn't spinning as fast and I was no longer throwing up, still really dizzy. 
     Wednesday morning I was still dizzy and couldn't get into a dr. so I just tried not to move.  Tried lots of over the counter meds but nothing really helped.  
     Thursday we went to the walk in clinic at Billings clinic.  We heard the dr out in the hall say send her to the ER.  That was not happening. Just to walk into the ER is $1000 with my insurance.  We had read on the internet about "benign paroxysmal positional vertigo" and was pretty sure that was what was going on.  I also was sure that I hadn't had a stroke or a heart attack.  The dr. wanted me to have a CAT scan and an MRI which equals spending lots of money.  The doctor finally came in and was an ass.  He told Dane that if it was his wife he would have all these tests.  Once again we told him we weren't going.  He also said that it probably was "benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, BPPV, but we should rule out something else. My blood pressure was really low 80/63 so they gave me an IV for a couple of hours and prescribed some Valium and suggested that I could go to a balance clinic.  Dane called the balance clinic and I got an appointment for Monday.  So Friday, Saturday and Sunday I slept.  The Valium just knocked me out but the vertigo was still hanging around.
     Monday morning the 25th of April we went to the balance clinic and the dr. had me wear a eye mask hooked to a computer and tracted my eye movement and could tell that I definitively had BPPV and she could fix me up.  Apparently 2 crystal in my right ear had escaped and was out floating around.  Everyone has crystal in their ears for balance and it is a little more common than I thought and that "elderly" ladies are prone to get BPPV, crap so I guess now I am an old lady.  The dr. did the "Epley Maneuver" which consisted of turning me on my head all ways to get the crystal back where they go.  At times the world really spun but then it all quit.  It is like a miracle.  I am never sick and down for parts so this really shook me.  I guess you never know how important your health is until something isn't right.  
     That Monday night and Tuesday I had to sleep sitting up and I couldn't move my head.  It wasn't very comfortable but it worked and other than feeling like I was on a ship swaying for a few days and my back hurting from sleeping in a chair I was on my way to feeling good again.  Hopefully I never have this again!
     I went to see my dr. the next week and she cut my blood pressure medicine way back.  I told her what a jerk I thought the dr. at the walk in clinic was and she said all the right things to make me feel better.     I am better and life is good.  Thank you Heavenly Father.

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