Monday, May 23, 2016

Mexico and A Week of Bad Hair

We 3 Amigos, (Dawn, Jody, Kippi Clark) are spending a week with Dawn at her house in Mexico.  It was just what we wanted and needed, sun, and doing just what we wanted.

Not much has changed since I was here a month ago.  The building is slow, don't know what they are building but the wall is now about 6 feet tall.  Dawn has internet and air conditioning if we need it but still no cable TV.

Lewie the dog is still around and was so happy to see Dawn.
Our morning walk usually ended at the little store for ice cream.  After all it was 85 degrees at 8:30 AM.

So this is pretty much what we did all week.  Lay around,  read, tan your legs, swim, walk on the beach, visit, sew, eat shrimp and take Rhino rides.

We took the Rhino and the dogs down to the estuary to see if we could find any shells, no luck. Princess took the front seat so Kippi and I sat in the back on the way home.

So pretty much my hair was like dog fur the entire week.  The air is full of sand and the wind blows so why even try.

The water was perfect.  We didn't swim in the ocean but it sure was pretty.

Here's to Mexico and fun.  It was so fun to be with Kippi and catch up.  We have been friends for 32 years and so easy to pick up right where we left off.  She is a great friend, love her and hers.

Thanks for having us Aunt Dawn.  It was perfect even if we had a week of bad hair.

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